what’s a thesis

Since there are two possible meanings for a thesis term, we will discuss these definitions today. Let s start with the thesis statement. You can also see such a term as a “thesis sentence” or as a “problem statement”. It does not matter as long as you know how to identify and write it. A good thesis statement is something that asserts a notion, an idea or an opinion. You should have a certain degree of understanding about a topic before you can write a thesis for it. Many times, you will see a thesis in articles such as essays, term papers, dissertations and thesis papers. The main goal in writing a thesis is to have a reason to conduct research and discuss a topic.

On the other hand, the thesis as a term to represent a research paper is more demanding. It will take you some time in order to understand how to write this project. However, there is no need to worry because we will discuss the basic steps in writing a thesis paper.

Start with identifying a good topic. The subject of your thesis paper must be important, sensible, feasible and relevant to the target audience. It may also help if you will write a thesis topic that you are familiar with. Lastly, consider a topic if you know there are sufficient sources of info to support your work.

Next, write a simple but effective research proposal. Your proposal will serve as the guide in writing the parts of a research paper. Make it something that follows an outline for writing then executes it according to plan. You must let your adviser approve your proposal first.

Gather the materials that you will use for the research. It is appropriate that you use sources of info from credible entities. For example, you can use internet sites that involve academic writing or a book that comes from a good library. Always remember to cite these resources if you are going to use any parts of them.

Write the important parts of the thesis paper. These are the abstract, introduction, review of literature, methodology, data, analysis and discussion and then the conclusion. You may find an article in our Archives that teaches who to write these chapters. Lastly, do not forget to proofread your work. Now, you know what’s a thesis paper.