Defend Thesis

defend thesis

After you have built all the important parts of your research paper, the next procedure for you is to defend thesis projects. As you already know, you have to defend your proposal and project because the panel wants to know if your research has a significant value. In such a case, you must have the preparation skills and ideas how to defend thesis papers. This will be our main topic for today. We will discuss how to defend your research paper from the criticisms and inquiries of the research panel.

Consult with your adviser about the guidelines of the school when it comes to thesis defense. Of course, each school has different guidelines so it is important that you know what these are for your school. If you have time, try to ask for some assistance with past students who have already presented their thesis.

Since you have a thesis paper in both soft and hard copies, it is necessary that each member of the panel or the committee have the same copy of your thesis paper. You should not e-mail them the copies, instead, print exact copies of your research paper and distribute them to all the panel members.

You should provide a form of your thesis paper so that panel will have the available grade for you. This will determine if your defense is a pass or a fail. Do not forget a certain portion of the members’ signature. This is an important thing to signify that they have evaluated your thesis paper in the best possible way.

If possible, ask some classmates or students who have already defended their respective thesis papers. Ask them about the possible questions that the panel may ask. This will be able to prepare you for any inquiries that the committee may convey to you while you are defending your thesis project. You should remember that there is no way for you to know exactly what the panel will ask you. However, having some general ideas will let you prepare for these questions even in generic formats.

Now, you have to create a small outline to prepare your speech to the panel. You must provide the main points of your thesis paper and give them the reason why you have done the research. Explain the importance and relevance of your project and tell them what benefits are available to your readers.

Your overall presentation skills will reflect your passion in your research. Be passionate with how you present the details to the committee. This will give them an impression that you really know what you are doing and that you are confident with your research results.

One more tip, to defend thesis, just be yourself. If you do not have any pretentions, your perionslaty will shine and you can defend thesis papers in the best possible way. it is like telling a story to a friend but in a more formal way.